About Us

At Helical Robotics, your input is essential to our business. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at one of the locations listed below.

Helical Robotics, LLC.

Corporate Headquarters

2315 S. Dock St.
Palmetto, FL 34221-8637
Phone: 855-My-Helix (694-3549)


Bruce A. Schlee


Phone: 855-My-Helix ex. 701
Mobile: 608-556-3656
Skype: bschlee.helical     My status

Keith Schlee

VP of Engineering & Design

Phone: 855-My-Helix ex. 702
Mobile: 386-235-4612
Skype: kschlee.helical

Derek Berquist

VP of Information Technology

Phone: 855-My-Helix ex. 703
Mobile: 906-290-4195
Skype: dberquist.helical     My status

Mike Larson


Phone: 855-My-Helix ex. 707
Mobile: 708-732-9668
Skype: mlarson.helical